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Veterinarians across the country are adding telemedicine to their practice as members of the Independent Veterinary Network (IVN). IVN is the Nation’s first technology business solution founded by veterinarians, for veterinarians. IVN has designed and developed innovative  technology to advance  the animal health veterinary profession into an exciting and progressive future.

Telemedicine Can Be Successfully Integrated
Into Existing Practices

Follow Up Appointments

Weight Loss Support

Behavioral Care

Regular Wellness Programs

Offer After Hours Care

Dermatology Consultations

Nutrition Advice

Client Services when Traveling or Moving

Perform Surgery Rechecks

Hospice Care

Specialty Feline Care

Care for Exotic Animal Species

Manage Your Own Practice
Set Your Own Prices

Veterinarians who join IVN maintain their practice identity and operate their own practices. IVN members determine their own pricing for virtual veterinary telemedicine video and texting cases. IVN members receive new client referrals from IVN’s public consumer service at

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